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Added Slump is a State-of-the-Art concrete with a proprietary adnmixture that delivers a more flowable, higher slumped concrete with enhanced finish … without altering w/c or set times.



Adding water at the job site for increased slump costs time and money, weakens the concrete, increases the opportunity for cracks and surface blemishes, and decreases the concrete’s durability.


Using proprietary technology, the improved placeability and workability of the concrete provides superior finishing characteristics that are reflected in the improved appearance of the finished product.


The normal setting characteristics of Added Slump results in a more efficient use of labor while minimizing the time allowed for the formation for surface defects.



Increases flowability and slump without adding water.


Set time is not increased.


No time wasted at the job site adding and mixing in water to  

achieve a higher slump.


Proprietary finishing aide improves workability and finishability.


Hydration catalyst accelerates set time and boosts early strength.


Reduced water-cement ratio for a given degree of workability

improves the quality of the concrete.


Reduces the potential of cracking and shrinkage by reducing water  

demand and preventing the addition of water at the job site.


Improves concrete’s chemical resistance and durability.


Added Slump mixes contribute to the protection of our

environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the concrete.



Added Slump is recommended for all residential, commercial, governmental, and industrial placements with flatwork or formed surfaces.


Any concrete placement where increased slump and flow is desired.


Any project where a superior finish is required


Any project where the concrete is to be pumped.

Dosage Guidelines


Dosage rates vary based on the mix design and the flow characteristics as requested by the customer



Added Slump is compatible with all types of Portland cement, Class C and F fly ash, slag, microsilica, calcium chloride, fibers, and approved air-entraining-agents.


Added Slump can be used with all white, colored, and architectural concrete.

Standard Specifications of Primary Admixture:            

Conforms to: ASTM C494 type A & F

                  AASHTO M194 Type A & F

                  CRD C87 Type A & F


Added Slump does not contain any purposely added calcium chloride or other chloride based components.  It will not promote or contribute to corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete.



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