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Ingram Concrete LLC

Why Choose Us

Industry Certification 

From sales to tech services our employees hold certifications form industry leading organizations insuring it’s done right the first time.


Service Availability

With the sheer number of locations and size of our fleet you can be sure we can provide you with quality product and service our company prides itself on.

Consistency through Technology

Employing modern technology in computerized batching systems insures an accurate and consistent

blend of aggregates, cement and admixtures for a superior product.







Dedication to Quality, Performance, and Sustainability make Ingram Concrete the leading Ready-Mix Concrete Supplier in West Central and West Texas


35 Plants in 29 Locations

Covering more than 64 Counties

Serving over 53,000 Square Miles






Value Added Products



Workplace safety is about preventing injury and illness to employees in the workplace. Therefore, it's about protecting the companys most valuable asset: its workers.

Ingram’s Customer Support Team involves a coordinated effort of our sales staff, QA/QC department, production staff, and our administrative personnel to work with you to cover all aspects of your project.

From residential to commercial projects, Value Added Products improve placement and/or performance characteristics for a higher quality concrete to economically increase the value of your project.

Mix designs, submittals, projects; Coordinated through your sales professional and a team of highly qualified team members to make sure your project is handled and completed to your satisfaction.

Who We Are

Ingram Concrete began in 1963 as a single plant operation in Stephenville, Texas.


Since then, Ingram has expanded to 35 plants at 28 locations ranging from Springtown (Northwest of Fort Worth) to Sonora (65 miles South of San Angelo) to Midland/Odessa to Lubbock and numerous cities in between...

Daily Safety Tips



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